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  • Wild Game Dinners!

    Every year, these lovely people throw a charitable wild game dinner, and this year they chose me to head up the event. Incredible wine, great crowd, and amazing food! Already looking forward to next year!
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  • Kids are cooks too!

    I had an old friend reach out to gift her niece some cooking classes.
    Why not? I can teach kids! And they’re SOOOOO excited about everything.
    So, we did 3 weekly classes, and they were great. We’ll likely be continuing them, too, […]

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  • Cool Summer Flavors

    Summer time is here! Well, it’s almost gone, but next week it’ll probably be back, as is the nature of Texas. Ah, summer. With its sweltering heat, its bikini-clad sunbathers, and the knowledge that your New Year’s Resolution to lose […]

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  • Exploring our Roots

    Recently, I was introduced to the wonders of a video series called 18th Century Cooking. And since February is a time many reserve for exploring and appreciating African-American culture, I was enamored of their series called “Food of the Enslaved” […]

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  • the fabulous fig


    Figs are one of the oldest fruits cultivated by mankind. It’s even been theorized by religious scholars that the fig, rather than the apple, was the famed “forbidden fruit” in the Garden of Eden. After all, they did cover themselves […]

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  • A Smokin Good Time!

    Last year, I finally caved and bought my first electric smoker. It just made sense for catering gigs that want things like brisket. I can set and forget for a couple hours while I get other things accomplished. Masterbuilt makes […]

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  • Great Pumpkins, Charlie Brown!

    The holiday is upon us, and people are getting excited about pumpkin-based food and drink. Of course, by the end of the year, people will be truly tired of pumpkin in just about everything, but for now, we can rejoice […]

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  • Private Dinners are here!

    That’s right! Even if you don’t need chef services every day, you might find you’d appreciate a chef on those special occasions. Need flowers? We can pick them up. Want a wine recommendation to match your menu? We can make […]

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  • Green Chile Glory!

    I know, I know. I’ve posted about green chile before. And I may post about it again next year. Why? Because you can never have too many things with green chile in them. Whole Foods and Central Market make sure […]

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  • More cooking classes coming up!

    We’ve teamed up with Kitchen Underground to get the word out about our cooking classes! They’re so much fun, and are as hands-on as your participation level desires. Want in? Check out the website for Austin classes, and look for […]

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